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BSB 806 015

Voting for Helping &nds Groups

01 Feb2016

Update 26 February 2016

Voting for this quarter has now been closed, thank you for your support. 

P&N members can have their say on the causes we support by voting for their favourite community group to receive financial assistance.

The Helping &nds program was launched in November 2015, and seeks nominations from P&N members for individuals or community groups in need of financial assistance.

Nominations for individuals are assessed on a case-by-case basis, with financial support and other services provided by P&N as needed.

Nominations for community groups are assessed and shortlisted each quarter. P&N members then vote for their favourite out of 10 shortlisted groups.

As voted by our members, the top five groups will receive $1,000 each, and the others will receive $200 each.

How to nominate

If you know another worthy group or individual in need of support, you can nominate them for a Helping &nd.

Nominations are open throughout the year, with P&N members able to nominate up to four individuals and one group per year.

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