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BSB 806 015

Trust, transparency & cybersecurity

12 May2017

This year Privacy Awareness Week and Business Continuity Awareness Week will be run at the same time (15-19 May) and focus on the themes of trust & transparency and cyber security.

We take privacy and cyber security very seriously at P&N Bank.

In celebration of these awareness weeks we have some tips on how you can protect your private information online.

Privacy reminders:
• The personal information you share is valuable
• Lock your mobile devices
• Clear your cookies and browser history regularly
• Set privacy controls on your social media and online games
• Know the consequences of what you do and say online

Cyber security tips:
• Don't click on untrusted links
• Take care when using insecure networks
• Don't plug untrusted devices into networks
• Don't leave computers unlocked
• Use strong passwords and keep them hidden

We also have some more tips on how you can stay safe online.

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