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Following the Reserve Bank of Australia's announcement on Tuesday 3 May, we have released information on interest rate changes. View details

BSB 806 015

New look statements

11 Apr2018

You'll notice some changes to your regular statements for your accounts. We've given the design a refresh, but more importantly, you'll have access to even more information about your accounts.

What's new

  • We've introduced a fresh new look with a different colour palette for each statement type - red for savings and transaction accounts, blue for home and personal loans, purple for mortgage secured overdraft loans and green for credit cards.
  • The activity bar - an at a glance summary of the account activity for the period, including your opening balance, closing balance and debit and credit transactions.
  • Some additional changes for each statement type.

Take a look at the new designs.

Credit card statements

  • New green design for credit cards
  • Information has been reorganised. Interest rates applying to your card are now located upfront, and the payment comparison information is located at the end of your transaction listing
  • The payment options page has been updated for the most common payment types and can be found at the end of your statement - more payment options are still available by contacting us on 13 25 77
  • Clearer identification of overdue or overlimit accounts (overdue/overlimit accounts will change to red).

Credit card account statement activity bar

Savings and transaction account statements

  • New red design for deposits and overdraft accounts
  • New layout of interest rate, TFN status and General Withholding Tax fields
  • New "Credit Interest Paid" field
  • Separated from your home loan and personal loan accounts. If you hold both, your loan statements will start on a new page.

Savings account statement activity bar

Home and personal loan statements

  • New blue design for home and personal loan statements
  • New "Available Redraw" field (as at the date of the statement)
  • New "Interest Charged" field
  • Separated from your savings and transaction accounts. If you hold both, your savings accounts statements will start on a new page.

Loans accounts statement activity bar

Mortgage secured overdraft loan statements

  • New purple design for overdraft secured by a residential property
  • Shows credit limit and balance available.
  • Separated from savings and transaction accounts and personal and home loan statements. If you hold products across different categories, each type will start on a new page
  • Easily identifies if you go over your limit.

New statements - mortgage secured overdrafts

Term deposits

From your next statement cycle, you'll no longer receive a regular statement if you have a term deposit. We'll continue to supply a certificate of investment at the start of your term deposit which outlines your deposit rate, and at the end of your term outlining interest paid throughout your investment.

If you'd like to view your interest activity more regularly, this information is available in Internet Banking. Please contact us if you would like to register.

Consider switching to e-statements

Want to reduce some clutter in your life and your mailbox? Consider switching to e-statements and access your statements 24/7, all in one place. To register, simply login to Internet Banking and Manage E-statements.

If you'd like more information about the new look statements, please contact us on 13 25 77.

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