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BSB 806 015

P&N Bank outage 17 March 2018

05 Apr2018

On Saturday 17 March our banking system provider, Data Action experienced an extensive data network outage that impacted a number of banks including P&N Bank. P&N's internet banking, mobile app and some card transactions were impacted.  

The outage was not in any way related to cybercrime or an attack. Our banking systems were always secure and at no time were members' funds at risks.

After a full investigation Data Action has advised that the cause was a failed component within the data switching system, which caused an outage that cascaded through the network.

The problem was resolved by replacing that component, after which time Data Action stopped and re-started the network, allowing network connections to be re-established.

Data Action and P&N were cautious in ensuring the problem was accurately identified and the most appropriate solution determined.

P&N kept in touch with our members throughout Saturday afternoon and evening and again on Sunday morning when services were restored. The Contact Centre remained open for extended hours to support our members.

I would again like to thank our members for their patience during the disruption and sincerely apologise for the inconvenience. 

Yours sincerely

Anna Pearce
General Manager Member Experience

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