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P&N helps fund new bike theft prevention tool

19 Dec2019

P&N has provided funding to support the development of a new tool to help reduce bike theft in WA.

Crime Stoppers WA has developed and recently launched Bikelinc - an online community tool that helps bike-minded people keep bikes with their rightful owners. P&N Bank provided seed funding to the project, as part of the Bank's ongoing relationship with Crime Stoppers WA.

Over 9,000 bikes have been reported stolen in WA each year for the past five years, with a 64% increase in stolen bikes over the past 10 years.

Bikelinc connects you, your bike, the WA Police Force and cycling community. Bike owners and retailers create a free profile of their bike/s on Bikelinc using the bike’s serial number to link it to them as the rightful owner.

Police officers are very successful in recovering and retrieving bikes but have difficulty in returning them to their owners. This searchable tool allows police officers to check Bikelinc in order to confirm the ownership of bikes that come into their possession, or to check the bona fides of people claiming to own bikes.

Developed by Crime Stoppers WA, endorsed by the WA Police Force and supported by WestCycle, personal information is kept safe and secure on this Crime Stoppers WA platform.

Bikelinc is for anyone who enjoys bike riding as a form of commuting, recreation or sport and doesn’t want bike thieves disrupting their cycling lifestyle. For peace of mind, anyone thinking of buying a second-hand bike can also check Bikelinc to see that the bike isn’t listed as stolen.

Bikelinc has been facilitated through an allocation from the State Government’s Proceeds of Crime funding, grant money from Commonwealth Government and funding from P&N Bank.

Dr Vince Hughes, CEO Crime Stoppers WA said “Bikelinc will be a game changer regarding the reduction of bike theft in WA, allowing a community of bike-minded people and the WA Police Force to make a significant difference in tackling this problem”.

Join Bikelinc for free today at

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