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Helping Lifeline WA answer more calls from people in need

05 May2020

More Western Australians are reaching out to Lifeline WA for support than ever before.

To help respond to this significant demand, P&N Bank is assisting our long-term community partner, Lifeline WA, train more Telephone Crisis Support Volunteers to answer calls as soon as possible.

According to Lifeline WA CEO, Lorna MacGregor, the current unprecedented period of social isolation, job losses and financial pain, combined with concerns about health and wellbeing, has seen calls to Lifeline WA’s 13 11 14 number increase 25% since the beginning of the pandemic.

“Lifeline WA has had its busiest ever two month period in March and April, with a significant increase in call volumes.

“We have recorded a substantial 25% increase in calls since the announcement of the pandemic, with 39% of the calls focusing on COVID-19,” Lorna said.

Lifeline WA’s current dedicated Telephone Crisis Support Volunteers have sacrificially increased their volunteer hours to answer these huge volumes of calls, but more volunteers are needing to be trained to share the load.

On behalf of our members, P&N Bank is providing additional support to Lifeline WA to adapt the training of volunteers from a traditional classroom model to a digital platform.

Each Telephone Crisis Support Volunteer undergoes a minimum of 170 hours of training in year one to ensure the best care is available for help-seekers.

The current volunteer cohort is halfway through their training and Lifeline WA hopes to accredit them as quickly, but safely, as possible to support the other fantastic existing Telephone Crisis Support Volunteers.

Lifeline WA CEO Lorna MacGregor said the team at Lifeline WA are incredibly grateful for the generous and ongoing support of P&N Bank.

“I want to acknowledge the contribution that P&N Bank has made over the last few years to Lifeline WA, enabling us to be in a strong position to ensure that 13 11 14 is available throughout this crisis.

“We are incredibly thankful for the additional support that you have given us at such a critical time during the COVID-19 pandemic and we thank you and your team for thinking of Lifeline WA at this time,” Lorna said.

In another example of P&N and Lifeline WA positively coming together, Lifeline are supporting P&N Call Centre staff by rolling out a new remote training program, focussed on assisting distressed callers and looking after our own teams’ health and wellbeing when supporting members.

P&N Bank is proud of our long-term association with Lifeline WA, having funded the vital training of a number of Telephone Crisis Support Volunteers each year since 2016 and supported the organisation in a variety of other ways, working together in true partnership.

If you are struggling to cope and need someone to talk to, please remember that there is always someone to listen. Call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

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