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BSB 806 015

Insurance provider updates

Introducing our new insurance provider, CGU

We’re pleased to announce that we have a new insurance provider, CGU Insurance.

We selected CGU as a trusted name in Australian insurance, based on their quality product offering, market leading claims experience, shared values and as a strong partner to grow with us into the future.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Why did you change to CGU as your insurance provider? 

A: We recently reviewed our options available in the insurance market to ensure we’re best protecting our members.

CGU have a 165-year history in providing insurance solutions to Australians, and are backed by IAG, the largest insurer in Australia and New Zealand. CGU provides protection for over half a million homes and a million vehicles each year, and process over 1,000 claims each day.

We selected CGU as a trusted name in Australian insurance, based on their quality product offering, market leading claims experience, shared values and as a strong partner to grow with us into the future.

Q: What will happen with my existing policy?

A: When your existing QBE insurance policy is due for renewal, we will migrate your policy to our new insurance provider CGU. We will be working closely with CGU to make sure that this is a seamless process for you.

If you’d prefer not to change to CGU and remain with QBE, please contact us when you receive your renewal documents to advise us of your decision.

Q: Why haven’t I been contacted about the change yet?

A: We have posted the announcement on our website advising members of our new insurance provider, CGU. However, this is a big change for the business and our members and will take some time to roll out the change.

We need to follow a process to make sure that each of our members understand the move and what it means to them. The best time to make the change is as your policy comes up for renewal, so that we can provide you with the appropriate information about your new policy. You’ll be contacted approximately four weeks before your policy is due to renew.

Q: What if I have multiple policies?

A:  You’ll be contacted at renewal for each individual policy. Depending on your renewal dates, this may mean you receive multiple notices throughout the year.

Q: Will I be required to change my policy to CGU when my policy comes up for renewal?

A: No. We will be offering our members the opportunity to switch, as we believe that CGU will provide our members with excellent value and protection, you will have the choice to stay with your existing provider. If you do prefer to stay with QBE, we will be able to assist you with contacting QBE to maintain your cover with them. If that is your preference, please contact us prior to your renewal date.

Q: Can I still purchase insurance through P&N Bank before you convert to the new insurer?

A: We can still support your insurance needs. Prior to 1 June, we are able to offer you the appropriate QBE insurance products to suit your needs. Your policy will stay with QBE until your renewal date, at which time it will convert to CGU.

Q: What if I want to make changes to my QBE policy before it moves to CGU?

A: You can still make changes or amendments to your policy. After the changeover date on 1 June 2021 for the new provider, we will direct you through to QBE for any policy updates or amendments.

Existing QBE MemberCare Insurance policy holders

How to make a claim

The QBE MemberCare claims line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Call 1300 734 728 as soon as possible when you discover that an incident likely to result in a claim has occurred. QBE will explain the claims process so you can understand what you need to do next.

Product Disclosure Statements

Key Fact Sheets

If you hold a QBE MemberCare Boat or Caravan Insurance policy and you're after the Product Disclosure Statement or more information, please contact QBE MemberCare directly on 1300 734 728.


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