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BSB 806 015

Budget Planner Calculator

Would you like to know exactly where your money is going every month, and how much you could have available to save or invest? This budget calculator helps you account for it all in a few easy steps. If you’re saving to buy a home or pay for your child’s university education, looking for ways to reduce your debt faster, or wanting a realistic picture of whether you can afford to retire, you’ll appreciate the simplicity of this detailed budget planner and savings calculator. 

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Customize the fields to account for all of your expenses and you'll get an easy-to-understand analysis of where your income goes and how it could be adjusted.

Use this budget calculator in conjunction with our personal loan and home loan repayment calculators to discover the best ways to make your income work for you, and how to manage your debt wisely. It’s often surprising how a few small changes can make a dramatic impact on your ability to live comfortably, save toward your goals, and invest for the long term. It all begins with having an accurate assessment of your budget and a realistic plan for the future.


The results from this calculator should be used as an indication only. Figures provided are for illustrative purposes only and are based on the information provided. Results do not represent a quote or pre qualification for a product. Information such as default figures used in the assumptions are subject to change.

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