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Frequently Asked Questions

Savings & Transactions


  • How do I withdraw money from my account?

    You can withdraw funds from your account over the counter at any of our branches, you will need to provide photo ID such as a drivers licence or passport.

    If you need to withdraw a large sum of cash please call 13 25 77 to place an order. Once your order has arrived we will call you to arrange pick up at your designated branch. Please note large cash orders can take up to 3 business days to process. 

  • How do I cancel a Direct Debit on my account?

    Cancel a Direct Debit from a Credit Card
    If the debit is being processed on a Visa Credit Card please contact the merchant directly.  

    Cancel a Direct Debit from a Debit Account
    Fill in the Direct Debit Alteration/Cancellation form and return it to us. 

    Forms can be returned to us in the following ways:

    • Secure Mail: If you are an existing P&N member you can use Secure Mail, accessed via Internet Banking, Services > Secure Mail
    • Post: PO Box 8609, Perth BC WA 6849
    • In person: to one of our branches
  • How do I deposit a cheque into my P&N Bank account?

    You can deposit a cheque into your P&N Bank account by any of the following methods:

    • Visit any P&N Bank branch 
    • Post it to PO Box 8609, Perth BC WA 6849 along with your account details
    • Deposit it at an Australia Post office using [email protected] and your P&N Bank card

    Find out more information about accessing your accounts via [email protected]

  • How do I set up a term deposit?

    You can open a term deposit online, over the phone or in person, provided you have the minimum required amount of $5,000 in an existing account.

    Please see how to apply for more information.

  • How much money do I need to open a term deposit?

    The minimum amount required to open a term deposit account with P&N Bank is $5,000, and the shortest term available is two months.

  • Can I make a deposit at a P&N Bank ATM?

    No, you cannot make a deposit at any ATM as P&N Bank use a shared ATM network.

    You can make a deposit through one of our local branches or you can make a deposit through Australia Post using the [email protected] facility. Fees may apply for using [email protected]

  • I don't want a credit card, is a VISA debit card the same thing?

    No, a VISA debit card is not the same as a VISA credit card. When you press credit on a VISA debit card, this uses the available funds you have in your  account, and there is no credit facility attached to the account.

  • How long does it take an external transfer to get to the other account?

    Electronic transfers between financial institutions will take 1-2 business days to arrive in the destination account. 
    If there is a weekend or public holiday in between, this will affect the processing time.

    If you need more help, please call 13 25 77 or visit your local branch and one of our friendly team will be happy to assist.

  • How long will it take for my cheque to clear?

    Typically, it takes 4 working days for a cheque deposit to be cleared, and the funds should be available to you on the 5th working day.

  • What is an everyday account?

    An everyday account, also known known as a transaction account, is a bank account you can use for day to day access to your money. It's a convenient account for receiving regular payments such as your pay or benefits, as well as for making payments for things like fuel, groceries and daily expenses.

  • How do I open a savings account?

    If you're 18 years of age you can open a savings account online. Existing members can log in to Internet Banking and go to Apply to open an account. New members can apply online by selecting Apply from the website. Alternatively, you can open an account by taking your identification documents to one of our branches.

  • What's the difference between a term deposit and a savings account?

    With a savings account, you can add to and withdraw from it as you please. There can be some restrictions around the interest payable if you make withdrawals, however you can access the money in the account whenever it suits you. Interest rates on these accounts are generally variable and subject to change at any time.

    With term deposits, an amount of your choosing (usually a minimum amount of $5,000) is locked away for a set period of time at a fixed interest rate. These rates can often be higher than a standard savings account, however the money cannot be accessed until the fixed term is over. If you choose to break the term to access the funds early, the interest payments will often be forfeited.

  • Do P&N Bank offer any accounts suitable for children?

    Our Way Cool Saver Account is specially designed for kids to help them start on a regular savings plan. With no account fees, limited transaction fees and no minimum monthly deposit required to earn interest, it’s an easy to understand account that will get your kids off to a great financial start.

  • How do I query a transaction on my account?

    You can view your transaction history 24/7 on our Mobile Banking App or Internet Banking Service. 

    If you need more information on the transaction, please call 13 25 77 or visit your local branch and one of our friendly team will be happy to assist.

  • Why should I open a savings account?

    Having a dedicated savings account separate from your everyday account can make it easier for you to stick to your savings goals. Savings accounts don’t usually come with card access, so it’s not as easy to withdraw the funds, and it also gives the account an added layer of security. They usually have a higher interest rate than everyday accounts and sometimes reward regular deposits and limited withdrawals.

  • What can savings accounts be used for?

    A savings account can be used to save towards a specific goal such as a holiday or home deposit. It can also be used to put aside funds for emergency expenses such as car or home repairs, or simply to for a rainy day.

  • What features should I look for in an everyday account?

    Many everyday accounts have a range of fee free options; however, some accounts may charge monthly fees or fees for certain types of transactions. You should look for an account that suits your transaction and access needs that has minimal or no ongoing fees and charges to keep more of your money in your pocket (or in this case, in your account).

  • Why get an everyday account?

    Everyday accounts usually come with a range of low-cost access options such as a Visa Debit or ATM card for EFTPOS payments and ATM withdrawals, as well as access to services such as BPAY and Internet Banking, making them a convenient account to manage regular incoming payments and outgoing expenses.

  • What features should I look for in a savings account?

    The most important thing to look for in a savings account is a competitive interest rate. Some accounts offer bonus interest payments if regular deposits and no withdrawals are made, which can be motivating to keep the money set aside until you’ve reached your savings goal. It's also important to make sure the account doesn’t have a monthly fee, because if it does it will slowly eat away at your savings. Plan how you will use the account and look for an account with features that suit you.

  • Are there any fees charged on everyday accounts?

    The transaction accounts that P&N Bank offer have no monthly fees and minimal transaction fees. A full list of fees and charges that apply to our accounts can be found on our fees and charges page.

  • How much money do I need to open a term deposit?

    The minimum amount required to open a term deposit account with P&N Bank is $5,000, and the shortest term available is two months.

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