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Helping hungry kids start the day right

Kids receiving drinks as part of Manna program

On behalf of our members, WA’s P&N Bank is proud to launch its inaugural Happy Bellies fundraising appeal which aims to support key community partner and local not-for-profit, Manna, expand their School Breakfast Program.

Every week, Manna distribute 3,500 breakfast meals to primary and senior school students in areas of need throughout Perth. The food is provided to 36 schools for their breakfast programs which are run by the local school chaplains and P&Cs.

As a non-government funded agency, Manna relies solely on the generosity of West Australians to continue their relief work into the community by way of donations and volunteer efforts.

P&N members can directly assist local children and their families by donating to the program through this special fundraising appeal. Funds raised will help Manna achieve their goal of increasing the number of schools supported in 2021 from 36 to 48.

Manna Board Chair, Damian Burton, said P&N’s member’s support would allow continuity of the School Breakfast Program and the provision of essential breakfast items that Manna supply, such as dairy products, fruit, jam and muffins.

“We really appreciate P&N coming on board. Their support, together with member donations through the appeal, will help us add a further 12 schools to the program and give even more kids an opportunity to start the day right so they can focus at school,” Mr Burton said.

As part of the community partnership, a first for Manna, P&N will match appeal donations up to a total of $10,000.

It costs Manna $1 to provide a child breakfast, so every donation made to the Happy Bellies fundraising appeal, no matter how small, will make a considerable difference to the work they are doing in our community and support disadvantaged kids who would otherwise go without this vital meal.

At P&N we know that when people work together, individuals, families, groups and our community will flourish, so we encourage our members to get behind this worthy cause and donate to help feed West Australians in need.

P&N members and the general public can donate to the Happy Bellies fundraising appeal online via the P&N website or using a tap-and-go card or smartphone in a P&N Bank branch.

Did you know?

  • Foodbank’s 2018 report into child hunger found that more than one in five children in WA are living in a food insecure household.
  • A 2018 report showed there are more than 240,000 children in Western Australia experiencing poverty and living in a situation where they might not get three full meals per day.
  • In the schools Manna supplies breakfast, over 50% of the schools’ populations are impacted by one or more of: family domestic violence, generational poverty, unemployment or substance use, all of which are the main contributing factors to poverty and homelessness.
  • Food insecurity is associated with poor developmental outcomes in children, including impaired social skills and reading difficulties.
  • By providing breakfast to kids, it can improve their concentration, attention, comprehension and memory. The benefits also extend to the wider class, with less disruption and more learning time and engaged participation.
  • The School Breakfast Program encourages kids to increase their social development and confidence, with evidence showing that regular breakfast consumption contributes to school connectedness and social outcomes.

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