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Helping &nds Voting

Helping &nds Groups - Voting is now open

The voting for our quarterly community grants program is now open and it's over to you! 

After all the votes are counted, the top five groups will receive $2,000 each, and the remaining groups will receive $1,000 each.

Below are the shortlisted groups for this round. Click to read more about the group to help you make your selection.

Don’t forget - anyone who has been a P&N Bank member for a minimum of six months can nominate an Individual or Group for the Helping &nds program throughout the year.

Alzheimer's WA

Alzheimers WA

Alzheimer’s WA advocates, educates, supports and engages the 41,630 Western Australians living with all types of dementia. Alzheimer’s WA has a vision of a world where people with dementia and their families are supported and valued on their dementia journey.

A P&N Helping &nd will contribute towards the creation of a new day centre specifically to support those living with dementia. 

More information about Alzheimer’s WA can be found on their Facebook page and website.

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Camp To Belong – Lifestyle Solutions

Camp to belong

Camp To Belong reunites siblings living in out of home care who have been separated through the fostering process. This week-long event gives siblings the chance to establish and nurture their powerful bond in a safe and supportive environment.

The funds received from a P&N Bank Helping &nd will go towards sourcing a selection of special gifts that the WA campers will get to “shop” for and give to their siblings as a birthday present. This special exchange of gifts will be an important opportunity for the campers to be more involved in the process of celebrating each other’s birthdays and being able to see each other’s reactions to their gifts in person.

More information about Camp To Belong – Lifestyle Solutions can be found on their Facebook page and website

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Dogs' Refuge Home WA

Dogs' Refuge Home

Established in 1935 Dogs’ Refuge Home WA is a self-funded organisation that rescues and re-homes over 1,200 dogs every year. 

Saving dogs from Perth based pounds and regional pounds including Broome, Geraldton and Albany. With over 300 volunteers who help look after dogs, this group relies heavily on support from the community to survive and continue their work.

A P&N Bank Helping &nd will help Dogs’ Refuge Home WA save more dogs from regional pounds who are on death row.  

If you would like to adopt a dog or find more information about Dogs’ Refuge Home WA you can look on their Facebook page and website.

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Gosnells Toy Library

Gosnells Toy Library

Gosnells Toy Library is a community not-for-profit organisation that provides quality educational toys to families in the area. The toy library is a valuable community resource that helps fight the war on toy wastage.

Gosnells Toy Library would use a P&N Bank Helping &nd to provide additional resources for families to accommodate the recent exponential growth in members. Gosnells Toy Library is particularly interested in purchasing ride-on toys, climbing toys, Montessori style toys and party aids.

More information about Gosnells Toy Library can be found on their Facebook page and website

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Love Langford

Love Langford is a local community event where people provide free community meals and food hampers to approximately 200 people in need per fortnight. The goal of these local dinners is to connect and build relationships between people within the community.

A P&N Bank Helping &nd will go towards a free community Christmas dinner, inviting people in need who are homeless, lonely and in an isolated family. 

More information about the Love Langford event can be found on their Facebook page and website.

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The Motor Museum of Western Australia

The Motor Museum of Western Australia is a not-for-profit operation run by a dedicated group of volunteers for over 25 years. These volunteers ensure Western Australia’s motoring heritage is an accessible experience to all visitors by showcasing classic, vintage and collectable vehicles of interest across a wide spectrum of years and types.

A P&N Bank Helping &nd will go towards installing LED Smart High Bay unit lights that will reduce energy consumption and improve cost efficiency.

More information about The Motor Museum of Western Australia can be found on their Facebook page and website.  

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Peel Connect

Peel Connect was initiated and established by Reg Lambert in 2015 who began convening meetings of agencies in the Peel Region of WA to address issues of homelessness, mental health, drugs and alcohol. At that time, at the age of 90, Reg was walking the streets of Mandurah at night to befriend those sleeping rough, offering them a hot drink and a care pack as required. Peel Connect volunteers known as ‘Night Carers’ go into the community of Mandurah at night to provide assistance, a hot drink, friendly chat and care bag of donated essential items to homeless people.

Peel Connect holds an annual ‘Celebrating Community Connections’ dinner in August. A P&N Helping &nds grant will be used for the 2020 dinner to contribute towards the costs of inviting the volunteers of Peel Region agencies that work together to address the issues of homelessness, mental health, drugs and alcohol.

More information about Peel Connect can be found on their Facebook page and website.

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Perth Homeless Support Group

Perth Homeless Support Group provides comfort items to those experiencing homelessness on the street of Perth city and surrounds. Providing non-perishable food, fresh food, toiletries, new socks, underwear and women’s essentials, blankets, jackets, clothing, shoes and more.

Perth Homeless Support Group is completely dependent on the generosity of the wider community to fund the service it provides.

A P&N Bank Helping &nd would go towards enabling Perth Homeless Support Group to purchase all the items the group distributes weekly.

More information about Perth Homeless Support Group can be found on their Facebook Page and website.

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Project Pax for Veterans of Western Australia

Project Pax is a voluntary group which aim to try and improve the quality of life of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) sufferers that has resulted from previous employment as members of armed services. This includes previous and current members of the WA Police Service, fire brigade services, ambulance services, State Emergency Services, and all health professionals, working in high risk areas. Project Pax has acquired and modified an ex-cray boat to provide a different approach to members wellbeing. It has been set up to be a safe and friendly environment which can be used as a meeting place.

A P&N Bank Helping &nd will go towards purchasing signage for the boat, updated printed shirts and caps to give the group more exposure and encourage more members to join up.  

More information about Project Pax for Veterans of Western Australia can be found in the ACNC website.

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Saba Rose Button Foundation

The Saba Rose Button Foundation provides an intensive rehabilitation therapy program called RehabMe. The program is for children in significant need, it consists of three weeks intensive therapy including physio, OT, Speech, structural integration and massage. RehabME is made possible with the assistance of 14 of Perth’s leading therapists and provides affordable options for children’s therapy that would previously only been only available on the east coast.

A P&N Bank Helping &nd will provide much needed therapy and related equipment for children in WA who have neurological disorders. Typically, these children have little or no mobility. 

More information about the Saba Rose Button Foundation can be found on their Facebook page and website.

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