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Alien Search

Alien search

How our mobile phones are collectively powering the world’s largest ever search for alien life.

The average smartphone is pretty amazing, but in isolation, is restricted by its own finite processing power.

But what if Android smartphone users across the globe combined the powers of their devices?

Sure you could stream a ridiculous number of cat videos.

But even crazier is the idea that this international team effort could lead to the discovery of extra terrestrial life.

After all, are we really alone? Drifting through time and space on a tiny speck of dust in an infinite universe of swirling rock and gas? Or is there something more.

Is there anyone out there?

It’s a question that’s tormented the mind of humankind since we came to ponder our own existence. And now the power of & could help answer this curious query!

Stephen Hawking has teamed up with billionaire Yuri Milner to create an exciting initiative to find extraterrestrial life, called Breakthrough Listen – and it’s powered by our smartphones!

Here’s how it works:

1. Android Smartphone users across the globe download a special app
2. Two huge telescopes scan the skies for signs of aliens
3. When your phone is plugged in and charged, the app allows the telescope’s collected data to be analysed through crowd-sourcing.

Put simply, the collective power of people here on Earth could be the key to unlocking the secrets of the universe!

Imagine if we discovered we’re not alone? That must be the ultimate power of &!

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