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Believe In Santa

Believe In Santa

Santa Claus is real. So are his flying reindeer, and magical elves. Don’t believe us? You should.

Kids – there’s a jolly old man that lives in the North Pole. He watches you every second of the day and night to make sure you’re always on your best behaviour. Then, every night before Christmas, he flies around the world in his special sled pulled by magical flying reindeer and delivers presents down the chimneys where all the boys and girls on his good list live. If you’re bad, you get coal.”

What kind of parents would trick their kids into believing that?! Ones that believe in the power of &, that’s who!

Turns out that encouraging your kids to believe in Santa is about more than bribery to stop them fighting in Kmart .

According to Jacqueline Woolley, Professor of the Department of Psychology at the University of Texas, believing in impossible things may help your kids imagine solutions to much bigger problems, like curing cancer or global warming. They also benefit emotionally from ‘working out’ that Santa isn’t real.

Ultimately, your family is stronger together when you encourage your kids to believe in Santa – they’ll grow emotionally and cognitively, and you’ll have fun recreating the wonder and magic of your childhood for them.



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