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Feelin’ ruff? The incredible healing powers of pets

Healing pets

Some welcome you with a slobbery wet tongue to the cheek when you get home. Some require more maintenance than the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Some weave in-between your legs as you carry a pot of boiling water across the kitchen and do their best to make you trip up. But you love them all the same.

The bond between animals & humans has prevailed the world over for centuries. We laugh at their antics and melt over their adorable little faces. Their unconditional companionship has shown to have an enormously positive effect on a person’s mental health. But now there are even better reasons to love your furry friend.

It turns out that animals have even greater healing powers, such as lowering your blood pressure and decreasing your risk of heart disease! Got a dog? Patting your pooch can increase your levels of immunoglobulin A, boosting your immune system. Meanwhile, another university study showed cats that purr in a frequency range between 25 and 150 hertz can increase bone density and encourage healing (in both themselves and their owners).

So next time your pet gets into the trash, or treats your leather sofa as a scratching post, just remember you’re happier, healthier and stronger together!


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