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Life saving lab testing in progress

Life saving lab testing in progress

Fab lab: Family pooch nose how to save its owner every single day. Could your furry mate do THIS?

Sure you love your dog, but would you place your life in its paws?

For Type 1 diabetes sufferers around the world, this crazy notion is a daily reality.

By sticking closely to their Medical Detection Dogs, Type 1 diabetics are alerted to changes in their blood sugar level – changes, which left unnoticed, could lead to a life-threatening diabetic coma.

Without the collective power of their well-trained pooches, Type 1 diabetics would have to regularly test their own blood sugar levels. Drawing blood multiple times per day is an extremely painful exercise, particularly for small children and their families.

For one particular family in the UK, the Hughes, their beloved family Labrador Maisie turned out to be the perfect candidate for detecting blood sugar levels on the breath of their young daughter Alena, who suffers from Type 1 diabetes. Maisie sticks by Alena’s side, even in the supermarket, alerting her whenever action is needed to address a change in her blood sugar, preventing dangerous consequences that otherwise might have arisen.

This amazing relationship between humans and their power-nosed pooches is playing out in many instances across the world, giving whole new meaning to ‘man’s best friend’ and demonstrating the incredible Power of &.

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