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Luc Longley’s unspoken role inspires Chicago Bulls dynasty

The REAL reason why the Chicago Bulls went on a three-peat – and it’s not His Royal Airness!

"One of my jobs on the team – an unspoken role – was mediating between some of the different groups and keeping everyone on the same page.”

Fremantle-born basketballer, Luc Longley, is Australia’s first NBA player. He played alongside Michael Jordan in a legendary Chicago Bulls outfit in the 1990s.

But while simply being part of a successful team is an obvious example of the power of &, it only tells half the story - keeping individual team members on the same page is an achievement in itself.

The Chicago Bulls, like many other professional teams, was full of unique personalities, and mixing these together wasn’t always easy.

Thanks to Luc’s ability to unite those around him and convince them they were stronger together, the Bulls went on to win three straight championships.

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