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Volunteers help farmers find their feet after devastating fires

Northcliffe fire fences

Imagine building a fence from Joondalup to Mandurah! Volunteers lift spirits after devastating fire.

In January this year, Northcliffe residents watched helplessly as one of Western Australia’s biggest ever bushfires threatened to destroy their homes, their farms and their lives.

While the town itself was saved, the fire burnt through over 88,000 hectares of bush and farmland. This left many farmers with the agonising task of rebuilding their livelihoods whilst also grappling with the mental trauma of enduring such a terrifying natural disaster.

Over 100 kilometres in fencing alone needed to be replaced – more than the distance from Joondalup to Mandurah!

Enter Blazeaid, a volunteer organisation that takes the Power of & to regional areas recovering from natural disasters.

Blazeaid volunteers from across Australia arrived in Northcliffe to put their collective power to good use. While rebuilding the infrastructure was vital for farmers to become operational again, there was an even greater incentive at play for mending so many miles of fencing – lifting the spirits of devastated farmers.

For many, seeing a new fence appear on their property provided a much-needed spark as they slowly picked up the pieces. And that’s the true measure of the Power of &.


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