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Doors closing, hearts opening: Perth commuters break into impromptu sing-along

Doors closing, hearts opening: Perth commuters break into impromptu sing-along

What happened on this Perth train carriage is so rare, it’s gone viral

Picture this. It’s a wintry Monday morning on a Perth train.

It’s dreary, cramped and eye-contact is being avoided at all costs.

Except in one carriage.

Armed with nothing but some lyrics on paper and a ukulele, the Perth Liberatores started a sing-along of ‘Under the Rainbow’, which has now been seen by around 700,000 people on Youtube.

The premise is so simple yet so rarely seen – strangers, routinely moving from A to B, suddenly have a powerful moment of human connection.

This unique Power of & on our doorstep didn’t just create a special moment for all onboard - it evoked something far bigger – an immeasurable sense of togetherness, love and humanity.

These powerful outcomes are what drive the Perth Liberatores, who have set out on a mission to become the change they want to see in the world. How? By making us realise that we are all brothers and sisters of the same race, travelling together on this journey called life. The inspiring group has since taken their message abroad, inspiring a dance party on the London Underground to spread the global truth that we are stronger together.

Feeling inspired? Why not spark a moment of human togetherness today? 


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