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How spacecubed of the 17th century led to modern ideas

Burlington House

In the 1600’s, big thinkers around the world were making incredible scientific discoveries. We’re talking history-making, ground-shaking, horizon-moving thinkers, like Sir Isaac Newton and Edmund Halley, to name just two.

Yet because there was no way to share and combine each individual’s findings, they weren’t being collaborated into big breakthroughs and global developments.

The solution? The Royalty Society of London – a truly historic moment for the power of &.

Membership was open to all scientists, no matter their nationality or state of war, to promote ‘the free exchange of ideas’. This ability to share information between members who trusted and supported each other changed the world.

It summoned a collective power that arguably led to the industrial revolution, our understanding of gravity, embryonic evolution theory, mechanical computation, modern sciences and more.

Now that’s the power of &!

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