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Runner’s high soars in group exercise

The runner’s high is a well-documented, delicious rush of post-exercise endorphins, but synchronise the beat of your Asics Kayanos at a group run sesh and heighten your buzz with the power of and.

The University of Oxford researchers have bypassed the pharmaceutical world and discovered a totally legal performance enhancer. It turns out a bunch of pals lifts your athletic performance by increasing your pain threshold and providing a social high as the cherry on top of your runner’s high.

Even if your buddies are a big sack of couch potatoes, you can get your group run kicks by hooking up with local running group, The WA Marathon Club. Don’t let the name send you jogging in the opposite direction, WAMC hosts events as small as three-kilometres (and up to 100-kilometres, ouch) in iconic WA locations like Kings Park, Burswood, Rottnest and Fremantle almost every weekend.

Join the novice group at 5.30pm on Wednesdays from the WAMC clubrooms in Burswood or test out your speed at the club’s interval session Tuesdays 5.30pm at Alderbury Reserve, Perry Lakes. Visit for all the details.

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