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Can having a sibling make you happier?


They always took the biggest piece, did the stealthiest of smacks behind Mum’s back and generally rained on your childhood parade.

Yet while you might have longed for the day when the CIA knocked on your door and confirmed that a) Yes, your sibling is indeed a hideous extraterrestrial species from another galaxy, and b) Yes, they would be taken away immediately for dissection - your beloved sibling/s could actually have made you a happier, more mentally stable, less selfish, fitter person who lives longer!

According to numerous sources, sharing your life with at least one other sibling is extremely beneficial.

Those non-stop fights? They taught you great social skills, so you got along better with your classmates.

Having to always share? It’s why you’re more selfless and sympathetic to others.

That sister who always wants to catch up? She’s making you happier, boosting your morale, keeping you fitter and supporting you when you’re sick or stressed.

So while it may seem like they’re from out of this world on a mission to irritate you out of your mind, turns out you and your siblings are actually stronger together.


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