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Best workplaces praised for team culture

Best workplaces praised for team culture

When the best workplaces in the US and Australia were evaluated, the companies perched on top of the lists were rated as such for their collaborative work environments.

When conjuring up the dream job, thoughts of a hefty salary, perks and a corner office with a view might first come to mind. Yet when recent results of the best workplaces were released, the employees of the top placed companies said it was all about the team-based culture and with little mention of remuneration and benefits.

Through a survey conducted by global job search website Glassdoor, companies were rated by employees on their experience there and resulted in a list of the best US workplaces in 2016. Taking pole position this year was San Francisco-based accommodation sharing website Airbnb, due to staff raving about its ‘collaborative employee environment’.

In Australia, software company Atlassian topped the BRW list for 2015’s best places to work for the second year in a row. Set up by two friends in 2002 in Sydney, the company now employees over 1,400 people in six global locations, but its core values remain the same in 2016 – they believe in the power of teamwork because ‘great teams can do amazing things.’ The employee reviews of Atlassian that earned the company’s second win were filled with praise for its internal communications channel Confluence. The channel allows staff members to award other colleagues ‘Kudos’ for a job well done, which instigates a gift and handwritten card from the Human Resources team. On average, 11 percent of Atlassian staff members are awarded a Kudos per week.

Research further backs up the importance of teamwork in the workplace with a University of Michigan study revealing positive and virtuous practices (such as supporting colleagues, inspiring each other and emphasising the meaningfulness of the work they do) improves company performance more than rewarding staff members with benefits or new processes.

The power of and inspires us to be better, to feel a part of something meaningful and enjoy what we do from nine to five a whole lot more. What does your workplace do to embrace its team culture?


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