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Sizzling calendar makes a real difference to burns victims

Sizzling calendar makes a real difference to burns victims

Adorning your walls with the many fit physiques featured in the Perth Firefighters Calendar not only provides a daily sizzle, it also raises much-needed funds for burns’ victims.

Considered one of the fittest and most heroic professions, firefighters not only work hard day-to-day to protect us from the devastations of fire - they’re also willing to display their hard-earned muscles for charity.

You could be forgiven for thinking the scorching hot bodies brightening kitchens around the State were public service enough for the Perth Firefighters Calendar, but turns out those well-oiled pecks have contributed almost $900k to charity as well.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2017, the calendar’s proceeds from the almost 20,000 copies sold annually goes to the Perth Children’s Hospital’s (previously Princess Margaret Hospital) Total Care Burn’s Unit, greatly helping children critically injured with burns.

According to Doctor Fiona Wood, the difference made by the calendar’s fundraising has been life changing for many burns’ victims.

“It’s made a difference to so many children, I can’t begin to tell you,” Dr Wood says. “For starters, the bath. The bath may be something we all have in our home, but our bath is pretty special. Infection remains the biggest problem we have and cleaning the children in a safe, secure and pain-free environment is vital.”

Funds from the calendar were used to purchase the PCH’s burns bath and a state-of-the-art CO2 laser treatment machine which helps heal the burns. Aside from equipment, the calendar has also provided the dollars to allow further research projects.

“We know that surviving a burns injury, a child surviving a burn injury, changes their life forever,” Dr Wood explains. “We want to reduce the impact on all other illnesses that we see coming after the burn but to do that we need help.” Using the well-honed physiques of local firefighters seems to be the perfect initiative to raise these much-needed funds. Everyone knows January is a blur, so why not start your year with Mr February? #powerofand

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