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Strangers inspired to fund homeless teen’s dogged determination

Strangers inspired to fund homeless teen’s dogged determination

Strangers rally around homeless teenager to support his incredible determination to attend college.

The strength of the ‘power of &’ creates a future for a determined, homeless teenager.

An aspiring medical student from Georgia sent crowd funding initiative GoFundMe into a frenzy, when it transpired he cycled 80-kilometres to register for his college classes despite having nowhere to stay.

The 19-year-old biology student Fred Barley set up his tent at the Gordon State College campus, hidden behind bushes, when he was found by patrolling policemen. Instead of fining Fred for trespassing, the officers listened to his story where he told them he’d ridden six hours on his younger brother’s bike, which was much too small. Upon arriving, he planned to camp for three weeks with only bottled water and a box of cereal until the campus accommodation opened.

The officers instigated the first act of kindness by offering to put him up in a motel for two nights, before Fred’s plight made it to Facebook. From there, Fred confessed to a local good Samaritan that his goal was to find a job and shortly after, he began work at a nearby pizzeria as their dishwasher.

But life really changed for Fred when a GoFundMe page generated $184,000 from strangers to pay for his education. Fred aspires to finish his biology studies and eventually attend medical school, which looks to be a reality thanks to the funding.

Through the power of &, a determined, homeless teenager’s future is looking brighter than ever.


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