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Wanderlust brings the wellness world together

Wanderlust brings the wellness world together

Get your yogi on at the Wanderlust 108 Festival, where yoga, music and fun bring together like-minded wellness lovers.

Get your fit on, both mentally and physically, at Wanderlust’s one – day mindful triathlon where wellness warriors come together to share their knowledge and love of yoga.

Practicing the physical postures of yoga is a wonderful thing for the body, but the yoga lifestyle goes beyond down-facing dog and repeated vinyasas. Global yoga lifestyle company Wanderlust explores all eight limbs or steps to leading a meaningful life, where asanas (the poses we associate with yoga) are just one element, through yoga, music and community over its one and four-day festivals.

On September 10, Perth will have its first one-day festival Wanderlust 108 on Scarborough beach with international and local teachers coming together to teach and practice with fellow yoga lovers. The festival is being called a ‘mindful triathlon’, featuring a five-kilometre run, a 90-minute group yoga class and a 30-minute group meditation. Festival-goers can also try slacklining, hula hooping, acroyoga, chilling out to the beats of various DJs on site and refuel at the marketplace area with vegan food, juices and coffee.

Local teacher Rhyanna van Leeuwarden has been to the Sunshine Coast, Thredbo and Lake Taupo in New Zealand four-day festivals and believes they bring back the community feeling of the yoga lifestyle.

“For me yoga isn’t just about the physical postures and the beautiful thing about Wanderlust is all the elements are involved,” Rhyanna explains. “There are plenty of spaces to meditate, you can learn more about spirituality, you can listen to the music and dance like crazy people and there’s awesome healthy food to nibble on. The general vibe is that the festival is for everyone; it’s not just about what you can do on the mat.

“This is a festival you can go on your own to, unlike music festivals because people know when they get there, the community will be there. Yoga is about community, I can walk into any studio or any Wanderlust festival in a place I’ve never been and feel like I’m at home.”

And be prepared for love and hugs, too.

“Yoga is also about how you communicate with people with truthful love, to be open and vulnerable,” Rhyanna says. “Hug someone if you don’t know them, share a different yoga experience in a big arena of really receptive people and try something you wouldn’t normally have done and see what it opens up to you.”

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