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In love and setting up house? The money talk

In love and setting up house? The money talk

The last thing on your mind when moving in together is how it will impact your finances. But a little thinking and communication before you take this big step can avoid some issues down the track.

Have the money talk

Before you move in together, make time to have an upfront conversation about money.

Talk about your values and attitude towards money and how you would like to approach your finances together. This may also mean disclosing your savings, debts, or future financial goals and obligations.

Discuss with your partner how regular household expenses will be shared and consider drawing up a budget.

Joint or separate accounts

There are a few options to consider when it comes to bank accounts:

  • keep separate accounts and decide on who pays for what,
  • open a joint account for shared expenses and retain separate accounts for personal spending, or
  • pool everything together in one joint bank account.

Talk about the pros and cons of each option and do what feels right to you.

If you know your attitudes to money are very different, perhaps it would pay to wait and see how your budget is tracking before pooling everything together.

Regardless of what you choose, make sure you allow some leeway in your budget for personal spending money. You may not always agree on what to spend money on, but if personal spending is agreed on and divided fairly you are less likely to have arguments down the track.

Adapting to each other's style

Living with your partner means adapting to another person’s money style, which may be different to yours. This includes spending and savings habits, attitudes towards financial responsibilities, and your different incomes and expenses.

Every person is different and with good communication you can find a way to blend your two styles and situations together.

If you feel that your budget isn't working for you or the way you have organised your finances feels unfair, then talk about it. Budgets and financial plans should be adaptable and should work for both of you.

Ready to create a budget together? Here are 6 easy steps to creating a budget.

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