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Social support is key to living well

Social Meetup

Want to make 2018 your best year yet? Rally the troops, because social support is key to kicking goals, living more meaningfully and simply feeling happy.

According to psychological research, right up the top of the most important things we can do to feel happy and create good habits is to surround ourselves with people who care. As we set forth into the glistening unknown of 2018, dreaming up New Year’s resolutions or focusing on how we can incorporate more of what we love into the year ahead is at the forefront of many minds.

The Wellbeing Collective psychologist and happiness scientist, Annika Rose, says by sharing your dreams and goals with someone who cares greatly about you holds you accountable and greatly increases your chances of following through.

“Sharing your habit with someone who really cares about you or somebody you trust is really valuable, because no matter what, they will support you because they want what’s best for you,” Rose explains.

“On those days where you wonder if you can do this, when you’re having a weak moment, you can turn to them and they’ll be your cheer squad.”

Ideally, the person or people you share your goal with will be like-minded and they’ll be motivated to join you on your quest, but what if nobody you know is interested in learning Italian, setting up a regular yoga practice or rock climbing? It’s a good time to be alive, friends.

“The world is so much more connected than ever before, it makes it so much easier to find your tribe and connect with them through social media, whether it’s Facebook or LinkedIn groups, through Twitter or Instagram following hashtags – there are a lot of ways to explore your passion and connect with people who share your passion,” Rose says.

One website that is solely dedicated to connect like minds is The website began in 2002 following the traumatic events of September 11. The founders were inspired by the way New Yorkers came together to heal and wanted a resource to connect strangers with common interests. There are already hundreds of groups in Perth, from a singles breakfast club to a Perth sing and jam session, so if you have a passion, undoubtedly there is a group of people who feel the same way.

Use ‘the power of &’ to do more of what you love in 2018. Whether it’s involving your best friend, your workmate, connecting through social media hashtags or, reach out and share your dreams because journeys are so much better when they’re shared.

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