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Anonymous tips help tackle crime

Crime Stoppers

You might be concerned about the digital footprint you leave during your online activity, but you no longer have to worry about your privacy when reporting through Crime Stoppers WA.

P&N has partnered with Crime Stoppers WA to provide seed funding towards the upgrade of their crime reporting platform. The upgraded anonymous online reporting platform, Crime Stoppers WA Connect, now incorporates the Tor network, a type of software which guarantees privacy for the reporter.

CEO of Crime Stoppers WA, Dr Vince Hughes said, "The Crime Stoppers Connect portal provides complete online anonymity and means the report you submit is encrypted on multiple layers.

"The result is that any way of identifying the person making the report cannot be backtracked."

Many members of the public have in the past been afraid to report a crime or provide information that may be related to criminal activity for fear of retribution or being found out. This service has been a game changer for Crime Stoppers and police Australia-wide.

Over 40% off all contacts to Crime Stoppers are now made online and eight out of every ten are deemed to be of high enough quality to be converted to police action or intelligence.

"The fact that several high-profile cases have been assisted by members of the community sharing information through this online platform is testament to its success," Dr Hughes said.

Following the success of the Crime Stoppers Connect portal, Crime Stoppers WA has been able to extend the development of the platform to other agencies in the state such as the Department of Fire and Emergency Services, Corruption and Crime Commission of WA and the Department of Corrections. Extending the protection of the Crime Stoppers reporting capability, the public are now able to report issues to each of these organisations under the umbrella of anonymity.

Support from WA organisation, Lotterywest, has also led to the development of multilingual reporting capability. This in turn has resulted in a partnership with the Ethnic Communities Council of WA to manually translate the report form into as many languages as possible.

The Crime Stoppers WA board decided to steer away from using the Google translator widget, due to the risk of information going back to Google. While the manual approach is more expensive and time-consuming, the benefit to the public is invaluable to the success of the program.

Find out more today by visiting Crime Stoppers WA's website at

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