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Performers showcase the power of the arts at Fringe World

Fringe World 2018

A performer alone may draw a crowd, but hundreds of performers make a festival.

Although Fringe World is over for 2018, the annual festival saw hundreds of performers all come together to elevate it to the third biggest Fringe Festival in the world. From its small beginnings in its original pilot in 2011, Fringe World has expanded its bank of talent more than 30 times its original size with over 750 events at 130 venues across the city.

The city truly embraced the Festival, recognising there's a place and an interest for everyone. Almost half the events at Fringe World this year were WA acts, and venues across the city and the region have banded together to provide a place for talent to thrive.

This year, hundreds of comedians, actors, acrobats, dancers, and other performers hosted audiences large and small, and from the looks of ticket sales, Perth couldn't get enough.

It's not always an easy road for performers at any Fringe Festival - they're responsible for their own marketing and promotion, which could mean a sellout house, or a crowd of one. But more and more Perth-ians take the risk each year on checking out an unknown, which can mean a huge boost to the fledgling careers of both WA-based and travelling performers.

As an open-access festival, it's not unusual to see things you might not usually encounter, and definitely things you might not expect. Fringe Festivals around the world give more performers from various genres the opportunity to get their works out there, and together they have collectively put Perth on the arts scene map.

Fringe World will return to Perth in 2019. Were you part of the power of the collective at Fringe World in 2018?

And if you're looking for even more to do to be part of the social fabric of Perth, take a look at What's On in Perth this month or some of the upcoming cultural events. 

Image: John Leonard

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