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P&N powering partners to help West Aussies

P&N powering partners to help West Aussies

P&N Bank’s community partners enrich the lives of thousands of Western Australians every year in very different ways. However, they all have a common goal to see people flourish.

Since 2016, P&N Bank has partnered with Lifeline WA, The Fathering Project and Variety WA and, in that time, these organisations have gone from strength to strength making a tangible difference to West Australians.

We are pleased to announce, that on behalf of our members, the support of these three vital WA based not-for-profits will continue for a further 12 months.

A snapshot of what our We Champion partners have achieved in the past 12 months

Lifeline WA

Lifeline WA

Lifeline WA provide all Western Australians experiencing a personal crisis or thinking about suicide with access to 24-hour crisis support and suicide prevention services via the 13 11 14 phone number.

It has been a challenging twelve months for Lifeline WA, with the impacts of COVID-19 seeing people reach out to the 13 11 14 number for support in record levels.

A staggering 33,879 calls were carefully answered by Lifeline WA Telephone Crisis Support Volunteers in the past 12 months. This was a 13.6% increase on the previous year.

Beverly is one of the committed Telephone Crisis Support Volunteers. Through personal experience she knows how valuable simply being heard can be to someone who is struggling to cope.

“When a caller reaches out in crisis to a stranger on the other end of the line, you can hear the change in their voice when they feel heard and cared for, which is very rewarding,” Bev said.

P&N Bank’s support enables Lifeline WA to extensively train Telephone Crisis Support Volunteers.

“P&N Bank’s support contributed significantly to our success in 2019/20 in which we answered the most calls in the history of Lifeline WA and most importantly, ensured that the 13 11 14 number remains free and easily accessible to those who need it. We are incredibly grateful for P&N Bank’s unwavering commitment to Lifeline WA and our mission of a community free of suicide.”

Lorna MacGregor, Lifeline WA CEO.

If you or someone you know needs support, please call 13 11 14, anytime.

The Fathering Project

The Fathering Project exists to inspire and equip dads and father figures to be the best parents they can be to lead to a generation of kids with happier, healthier futures.

A key way The Fathering Project equips dads and father figures is via local Dads Groups and online resources.

In the past twelve months, the number of Fathering Project Dads Groups has grown to over 300 in WA and around the country. Approximately 35,700 kids will be positively impacted because of these groups.

P&N Bank’s support of The Fathering Project in 2020/21 will be focused on the at-risk program in the Armadale region to help men as they strive to overcome the cycle of negative parenting.

“Our ongoing partnership with P&N Bank is a great source of pride for The Fathering Project. Over the past three years we have been able to support our volunteer network, a vital cog to our programs. We look forward to continuing the partnership as we seek to improve outcomes for fathers and kids in areas that need it most.”

Wayne Bradshaw, The Fathering Project State Manager.

Variety WA

Variety Motor Mouth Camp

Variety WA plays a vital role in giving West Australian kids a fair go in life, whether they are facing challenges through sickness, disadvantage or living with disability.

These kids have benefited from programs, equipment grants, scholarships and special experiences.

Marlee is one of the more than 8,000 WA kids in need that Variety WA has assisted in the past twelve months. Nine-year-old Marlee lives with Rett Syndrome, a rare brain disorder that severely impacts her fine and gross motor skills. Marlee is a clever and lively young girl, but doesn’t have the muscle control to walk, talk, speak, swallow or carry out many actions that people take for granted.

Marlee is one of 170,000 Aussie kids who are unable to communicate verbally. With the help of the Variety Motor Mouth Camp, Marlee is now a master of her eye-gaze tablet communication device.

In 2019, Variety WA also funded vehicle modifications to Marlee’s parent’s car. Marlee can now stay in her wheelchair in the car to travel with more comfort and safety.

P&N Bank’s support of Variety WA is directed to the Motor Mouth program that helps children who are unable to communicate verbally.

“We just love working with P&N Bank because we can see how much they care – it’s a genuine partnership in the truest sense. P&N Bank’s connection began with supporting our annual Variety Motor Mouth Camp, which helps give a voice to WA kids who cannot speak. Over the years, that connection has only strengthened and P&N Bank has become part of our Variety family – we can’t do what we do without them.”

Tony Hume Variety WA CEO

Helping &nds also making a difference

Over the last year, P&N Bank members have used the Helping &nds community grants program in record numbers.

Over 50 individuals and families in need of assistance have been provided a Helping &nd in 2019/20.

P&N Bank members have also nominated and voted on 40 local community groups or small not-for-profits to receive funding as part of our quarterly Helping &nds Groups program.

If you know of an individual in need of some help or a local community group doing great things, nominate them for a Helping &nd today.

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