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BSB 806 015

Update to our fees & charges

28 Feb2023

We have made some changes to our fees and charges for savings and transaction accounts. These changes are effective 28 February 2023.

We’ve reduced some fees

Fee name

Previous fee amount

New fee amount

Real Time Gross Settlement from another bank



Real Time Gross Settlement to another bank



Audit Certificate Fee



We’ve removed some fees

Fee name

Fee amount

Cheque/Voucher Retrieval Fee

$25.00 per item

EFT/Visa Voucher Retrieval Fee


We’ve also updated the names and descriptions of some fees

Please note, there is no change to when the fee is charged or the amount of the fee charged. The updated fee name will appear on any statements provided to you from 28 February 2023.

Previous fee name

Updated fee name


Auto Transfer Dishonour

Auto Transfer Dishonour Fee

Charged where there are insufficient funds in your account when an internal or external auto transfer or BPAY payment is due to be made.

BPAY Future Dated Payment Dishonour

Auto Transfer Dishonour Fee

Auto Transfer (external - Staff assisted creation)

External Auto Transfer Fee

Staff assisted creation of a recurring auto transfer payment to another organisation. (Unlimited fee free on Easy Living Savings, Easy Living Deeming and Concession Account).

Overseas ATM withdrawal

Overseas Withdrawal Fee

When you use your VISA Debit card overseas to withdraw cash.

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