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Jessica might not be your stereotypical 12-year-old, with the young entrepreneur already kicking off her working career and starting her own dog walking and pet sitting small business. Jessica’s ‘The Pet Care Kween’ was born out of her love of dogs and desire to look after them.

“I love dogs so much, I just want to spend more time with them and look after them when their parents are away,” Jessica shared.

Demand for The Pet Care Kween’s services has grown quickly, to the point where Jessica needed her own bank account to manage the funds coming in. She investigated several banking options before choosing P&N Bank - despite her parents not being P&N customers. Jessica had seen P&N Bank advertised on TV and liked the fact it was a WA-based bank.

“I researched a lot about all the other banks and P&N gave me the best support, the best options for my business and what I wanted to do with it,” Jessica said.

P&N Bank Belmont Branch Manager, Lewis helped Jessica open her bank account and was blown away by her ambition and drive.

“My first impression of Jessica was that she is such a young, driven, new entrepreneur. She’s got huge goals and she just really impressed me,” Lewis said.

Utilising P&N Bank’s ‘Member Moments’, a program through which P&N Bank staff can acknowledge and surprise customers with small gifts to mark milestones in their lives, Lewis arranged a gift voucher for Jessica to help her pay for some business cards. Jessica is using the business cards to help promote The Pet Care Kween in her local community.

“The fact that P&N gives front-line staff the opportunity to help people and members, makes me feel really proud to be part of P&N,” Lewis said.

You can see more about Jessica and her small business in the video below.