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Local food relief charity Manna and its School Breakfast Program has received a significant boost thanks to P&N Bank members and the wider community who generously donated $13,312 to P&N’s recent Happy Bellies fundraising appeal.

Manna’s School Breakfast Program provides 3,500 breakfast meals every week to students at 36 schools in areas of need throughout Perth.

The funds from the Happy Bellies appeal will mean Manna can supply even more breakfasts to disadvantaged Perth kids who would otherwise go without this vital meal.

P&N Bank contributed an additional $10,000 to bring the grand total raised by the appeal to $23,312.

With it costing Manna $1 to supply one breakfast this equates to an impressive 23,000 breakfasts!

In the schools Manna supplies breakfasts, over 50% of the schools’ populations are impacted by one or more of: family domestic violence, generational poverty, unemployment or substance use, all of which are the main contributing factors to poverty and homelessness.

Manna Board Chair, Damian Burton, said P&N’s members’ support would allow continuity of the School Breakfast Program and the provision of essential breakfast items that Manna supply, such as dairy products, fruit, jam and muffins.

“Donations from the appeal will help us add a further 12 schools to the program and give even more kids an opportunity to start the day right so they can focus at school,” Damian said.

“We are incredibly grateful to P&N and your members. We can only do what we do through the generosity of organisations like P&N.   

“We would like to think that (through the provision of breakfasts) we are playing our part in preparing children for greater opportunities in life. With full stomachs kids can have better educational outcomes to then do what they want to do post-school and contribute more to society over the length of their life.”