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The Power of & was on full display when P&N Bank's community family came together to connect, collaborate and share their stories for the third annual Flourish - Growing Partnerships in the Community event.

The event saw 150 volunteers and guests from our We Champion partners - Lifeline WA, Variety WA, and The Fathering Project, some of our Helping &nds recipients, and representatives from other partners Crime Stoppers WA, United Way WA and the Perth Wildcats in attendance.

Whilst P&N hosts this annual event, Flourish is not about P&N, but rather the work our partners and their volunteers are doing in enriching and improving the lives of West Australians.

In inspiring and heartfelt ways, each We Champion partner shared their recent achievements and future ambitions, while also celebrating and thanking their volunteers and supporters:

  • Lifeline WA honoured their many volunteer telephone crisis supporters who help people in crisis or those thinking about suicide.
  • Variety WA shared how their Motor Mouth Camp is having a big impact on the lives of kids with complex communication difficulties that cannot speak and who rely on augmentative and alternative communication aids to express themselves.
  • The Fathering Project highlighted the growth of their dads groups around WA and Australia and the big impact their work is having on a group of Dads in the Armadale area.

The night also featured a musical performance from a very talented young man, Joshua who is a member of the Variety Choir and a keynote address from well-known philanthropist and charity worker Dr. Ros Worthington OAM who shared the importance of charities working together to impact more people.

To view highlights from the event check out the below video.