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Take the guesswork out of buying or switching

Our free property profile report gives you important information and insight about any property in Australia, such as your dream home you have your eye on or the home you already own.

Your property report includes

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Property value estimate
Receive an estimate of the property's approximate value - based on market trends, previous and local sales, and more.

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Comparable sales in the area
Find similar properties that have recently been sold in the area to help you get a better idea of how much the home is worth.

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Suburb performance
Learn how the market in the area impacts local properties, including how house prices have changed over the years, sales activity and rental history. 

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Local school zones and more
The property market and school zones can go hand in hand, which is why finding the right property in the right area to suit your needs is important.

Hassle-free home loans

Whether you’re switching lenders, relocating, renovating your home or downsizing,
a P&N Bank home loan specialist can guide you through the journey.

We're ready to help

No matter what stage you're at when it comes to buying a home, we're here to help you from application to settlement, as well as answer any questions that come up along the way.

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The report is prepared by CoreLogic. The statements, information and opinions contained in the report are those of CoreLogic only, and P&N Bank does not endorse or accept any liability for them. CoreLogic uses P&N Bank trademarks under arrangement with P&N Bank.

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