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The foundations of our organisation were established some 60 years ago, when small communities of people in the police, nursing and farming sectors banded together to create their own "banks", in response to their exclusion from access to mainstream lending institutions of the era.

Today, as a contemporary customer-owned bank for all people, the fundamental principles of collectivism, collaboration and inclusion remain proudly and deeply woven throughout our organisation.

Our very purpose is “to enrich the lives of our members and their communities”, and our constitution directs us “to promote, encourage and bring about human and social development among individual customers and within the larger community within which customers work and reside”.

Underpinned by our constitution, purpose, belief, and values, in 2021 we launched our most recent Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) strategy and Employee Value Proposition (EVP). Both focus on building an inclusive workplace, and belonging for our employees, our customers and their communities.

From there, our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) Committee was born, and our Group’s first RAP was finalised. In developing our RAP, we are demonstrating our commitment to advance reconciliation through developing relationships with Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander peoples, building respect for their Histories and Cultures through education, and creating opportunities for First Nations people and businesses.

In alignment with this commitment to reconciliation, our Board and Executive believe that we need to create a better future through reform and will continue to advocate for a more inclusive society that will benefit all Australians. To find out more, view our Reconciliation Action Plan Reflect - PDF (24 MB).