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You can allow another person (known as a third party) to access and use your bank account. This is called an authority to operate. 

If your chosen person is not a P&N Bank customer they will need to confirm their identity and open a membership with us first.

To authorise a third party to operate on your account, you'll need to complete the Authority to Operate Form and return it to us.

Forms can be returned in the following ways:

  • Secure Mail – if you're an existing P&N customer you can log in to internet banking and go to Services > Secure Mail
  • In the post, returned to: P&N Bank, PO Box 8609, Perth BC WA 6849
  • In person at your nearest branch

Remember, all transactions on your account that are authorised by the third party will be treated as having been authorised by you. 

Download the Authority to Operate Form