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You can close your P&N Bank account by contacting us in any of the following ways:

  • Call during business hours on 13 25 77, or +61 8 9219 7609 if you’re overseas.
  • Send us a secure mail from internet banking or the mobile app.
  • Get in touch via webchat after logging into your internet banking, so that we can confirm your identity.
  • Visit your nearest branch with your photo ID.

If the account requires two signatures to authorise transactions, we'll need to speak with both account holders before we can close your account.

And remember, before closing your account, make sure that all recurring payments and direct debits set up from the account are cancelled, and any overdrawn balance is cleared in full.

If you want to close your membership with P&N Bank in full you can download and complete the Resignation of Membership Form. 

Download the Resignation of Membership Form - PDF (46 kB)