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If you're under 18, not an Australian citizen or simply don't have an Australian photo identity document, you can still use a combination of primary and secondary documents to open your account at one of our branches. 

You can use one form of primary identification (eg. your birth certificate, overseas driver's licence or citizenship papers) with one form of secondary ID (eg. a Medicare card, Senior's card, Australian Marriage Certificate, Utility bill).

Primary documents with a photograph

  • Australian passport (current or expired within 2 years)
  • Current foreign passport
  • Current Australian driver's licence
  • Proof of age card (issued under law of Australian State or Territory)
  • Current Australian ImmiCard​

Primary documents witout a photograph

  • Primary documents without a photograph
  • Australian birth certificate or birth extract
  • Foreign birth certificate
  • Australian citizenship certificate

Secondary documents

  • Current Centrelink card
  • Notice to the individual from the Australian Taxation Office (less than 12 months old)
  • Notice to the individual from a local government or utilities provider
  • Children (less than 18 years) – educational institution statement specifying the name of the child and confirming attendance of the child at the institution and signed by a specified officer of the institution

We accept original and certified copies of documents.