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If you're applying for a new Visa Credit card or have an existing Visa Credit card with P&N Bank, you can apply to add an additional card holder to your account.

1. Confirm membership - an additional card holder must be a member with P&N Bank.  

You can apply for membership by opening a deposit account online, by calling 13 25 77 or by visiting a branch. If applying online you will need to provide two of the following identification documents - passport, driver's licence or Medicare card - so that we can verify your identity.

2. Complete and sign form - the account holder will need to complete and sign the Visa Credit Card Additional Cardholder Request form. The additional card holder must also sign the form.

3. Return the signed form - the account holder should return the form to a P&N Bank branch, or if you cannot get to a branch during business hours, you can return the document via Secure Mail in Internet Banking. If returning via Secure Mail we will contact you by phone to confirm your request as the authorised signatory.

4. Account authority - we’ll process your request as quickly as possible, set up the account authority for the additional card holder, and advise when your additional card is on it’s way.

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 13 25 77.