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When you first log in to Internet Banking you'll see the Dashboard page to access your account information.

You can always return to this page by going back to Accounts > Balances or by clicking the P&N Bank logo in the top left hand corner.

Account information

Shown under account information you'll see:

    • Account summary - shows your account name, BSB, and account number. If you have renamed any of your accounts then your personalised account name will show, e.g. Bills, bills, bills.
    • Balances - this shows your current account balance and the available balance.
    • Available redraw - some of our lending products allow you to redraw funds if you are in advance of your contracted payments. The available balance here is the amount you are able to redraw. You can redraw directly to any bank account within Australia.

Want to see more account details?

Clicking on the three dots button will expand the account summary and give you even more information and options.

    • PayID shortcut -  allows you to create a PayID shortcut.
    • Payment shortcut - lets you create a transfer, payment or BPAY shortcut.
    • Account Owners - shows who owns the account. There may be multiple names if it's a joint account.
    • Uncleared Funds - shows any amount that hasn’t yet been cleared by a merchant at the place of purchase.
    • Credit Limit - advises you of any limitation on the funds available, for example your credit card limit.
    • Interest Earned and Interest Paid -shows the interest details for the financial year to date.
    • Transaction history - this expanded view will show your ten most recent transactions from the last 30 days. For more detailed information, or to view more transactions, click on the account name or the Transaction History button in the navigation menu.