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You can make a BPAY payment using internet banking or the mobile app. To make a transfer using BPAY, you will need the:

  • Biller Code. This is between 4-6 digits in length and should appear on your bill, and 
  • Reference Number. This should also be on your bill (usually near the biller code). The length of the reference number will vary from biller to biller.

By ticking 'Add to Favourites', the BPAY details used will be stored in the favourites list on the right hand side of the screen. Payee Nickname is an optional field and can be used to provide a nickname for the biller when you save them to your Favourites. 

To transfer funds to a biller you have previously saved, select the recipient from your favourites list. To find a previous recipient easily, you can sort the list by Biller Name, Payee Name or the Last Payment Date. You can also search for a previous biller by selecting the Search icon in the top right hand cornet of the favourites list and typing in your search criteria.