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If you want to add or edit your payee details without making a payment the easiest way to do do this in the mobile app. Go to Pay > Manage Payees form the main menu. From here you can add a new payee, edit or delete an existing payee.

In internet banking you are able to edit your payee details as you make a payment which will then save against the payee details for next time. You can delete a Payee by going to Pay someone, clicking on the three dotes next to payee name and then choosing Delete.

Manage Payees in Internet Banking

In internet banking the Manage Payees function lets your assign different payees to different profiles, if you have more than just your personal banking with P&N Bank.

If you have a personal bank account and are also a signatory on a business, club or trust account held with us, you can use the Manage Payees function in internet banking to assign different payees to each of your profiles.

On the Manage Payees screen, select the profile you wish to update, and then select the payment type the payee belongs to. From here you'll be able to select payees to associate with that profile. This helps differentiate your personal payees from your business payees.

Any payees that are not assigned to a specific profile will continue to appear in both banking profiles.