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You can view your transaction history in both the mobile app and internet banking.

  • In the mobile app, go to Accounts > My accounts and then choose your account. Any uncleared transactions will appear at the top of the list.
  • In internet banking go to Accounts > Transaction History. Use the drop down option to change your account and view the transaction history for each account. 

The last 30 days of transactions are displayed as a default. To view more transactions:

  1. Account selector: Use the down arrow to choose which account transaction history to view.
  2. Basic search: You can use the search bar to look for keywords or a range of dates included in the display.
  3. Download: To download the displayed transactions into various formats, or to print the transactions, click on the Download icon at the end of the transactions, then select from the options displayed.
  4. Advanced Search: You can also click the magnifying glass to access the advanced search functions.

Advanced Search Functions

The advanced search function allows you to refine your search by credits or debits, transaction type (e.g. point of sale or Visa), amount and cheque number. You can also change the order your transactions are displayed in. To view more transactions use the 'Show' drop down option and enter another time period.