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The following fees and charges may apply to everyday and savings accounts.

These should be read in conjunction with the fees and charges specified for the product on their individual product pages.

Bank services fees

Fee type Fee amount
Coin Deposit Fee
Available at P&N branches. These fees are applicable to all accounts. Coin deposits must be counted and bagged by member or will be charged 5% of the coin amount.
5% of the coin amount
External Auto Transfer Fee
Staff assisted creation of a recurring auto transfer payment to another organisation. (Unlimited fee free on Easy Living Savings, Easy Living Deeming and Concession Account.)
$5.00 per payment
Manual External Transfer Fee
Staff assisted manual transfer to another organisation.
$2.50 per payment

Card fees

Fee type Fee amount
Card Replacement Fee
For the replacement of a lost or damaged Visa Debit card.
Standard replacement $10.00
Urgent replacement $50.00
Emergency Card Replacement Fee
For the issue of a temporary emergency Visa Debit card, to temporarily replace a lost, stolen or damaged Visa Debit card.
Declined $70.00
Approved $320.00
Overseas Withdrawal Fee
When you use your Visa Debit card overseas to withdraw cash.
Visa Chargeback Request Fee
When a cardholder raises a dispute relating to a card transaction.

Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) and foreign currency fees

Fee type Fee amount
Cash Passport  
Initial activation $10.00
Reload $10.00
Foreign Cheque Deposits  
Foreign Cheque deposits up to $25,000 AUD $10.00
Foreign Cheque deposits over $25,000 AUD $60.00
International Transfers  
Telegraphic transfer foreign currency $30.00
Telegraphic transfer AUD $45.00
Online International Transfer (Internet Banking) $15.00
To cover the cost of processing ‘SWIFT’ payments from overseas and same day local payments through ‘RTGS’ (Real Time Gross Settlement) systems.
RTGS from another bank $5.00
RTGS to another bank $15.00

Visa Foreign Currency Conversion
Payable when you make a transaction using your Visa Credit or Visa Debit card:

  • in a foreign currency using either online or at a merchant point of sale (irrespective of where the transaction occurs); or
  • in Australian Dollars when either the merchant or its financial institution/payment processor is located overseas.
Please note: It may also not always be clear that the merchant or its financial/payment processor is located or registered outside Australia.
3% of the transaction’s value in AUD

Dishonour fees

Fee type Fee amount
Auto Transfer Dishonour Fee
Charged where there are insufficient funds in your account when an internal or external auto transfer or BPAY payment is due to be made.
Dishonour Fee
Where a direct debit is dishonoured due to insufficient funds.
Overdrawn Account Management Fee
Applied in relation to any month where we allow the approved credit limit on your account to be exceeded by more than $50 or, if your account does not have an approved credit limit, if we allow you to overdraw your account by more than $50.
Referral Fee
Where an account has insufficient available funds to cover an auto transfer or direct debit transaction, and the transaction is honoured by P&N.

Other fees

Fee type Fee amount
Audit Certificate Fee $25.00
Bank@Post Withdrawal Fee $3.00
Manual Trace Fee $40.00
Statement Retrieval Fee
Statement retrieval more than 12 months old.
First page $6.00
Each subsequent page $1.50

Important information

P&N can change the standard fees and charges that apply to accounts from time to time. Please refer to the terms and conditions for notification requirements.

This document should be read in conjunction with Savings Accounts & Account Access Channels Terms and Conditions and the Interest Rate Schedule applicable to the account. Together they form your Terms and Conditions.

The Terms and Conditions relate to P&N Bank savings accounts, transaction accounts (including the Business Transaction and Business Saver Accounts) and associated non-cash payment services.

Copies of these documents are available from any P&N Bank branch, on our website, or by calling us on 13 25 77.