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The following fees and charges may apply to all home loans.

These should be read in conjunction with the fees and charges specified for the product on their individual product pages.

Administration charges

Fee type Fee amount
Valuation Fee First valuation is free, additional valuations at cost to P&N*
Lenders Mortgage Insurance
At cost to P&N*
Legal Fee At cost to P&N*
Production Fee for a Third Party to Produce a Document At cost to P&N*
Bank Cheques At cost to P&N*
Document Preparation Fee $300.00
Title Consent Fee $105.00
Title Search Administration Fee
Charged per loan.
Discharge of Mortgage Fee  
Without settlement (per document) $350.00
With settlement (per document) $395.00
Withdrawal of Caveat Fee  
Without settlement (per document) $55.00
With settlement (per document) $160.00

Construction loan charges

Fee type Fee amount
Construction Loan Progress Payments
Charged per drawdown.
Progress Payment Inspection Fee
Charged per inspection.

Variation to home loan contract fees

Fee type Fee amount
Partial Security Release $105.00
Transfer of Security $105.00
Loan Account Switch Fee $300.00

General fees

Fee type Fee amount
Over Limit Management Fee
Charged when an overdraft or line of credit account exceeds the approved limit by more than $50 during the month.
Late Payment Notification Fee
Charged when a payment to a home loan becomes overdue by 11 days and 30 days.
Management Administration Fee
Charged monthly when a payment to a home loan becomes overdue by more than 90 days.
Collection Agent Administration Fee
Payable when a payment to a home loan becomes overdue for more than 90 days and we choose to engage an external collection agent.

Other fees

Fee type Fee amount
Statement Retrieval Fee
Payable on request to issue a copy of a previously issued statement.
First page $6.00
Each subsequent page $1.50
External Dishonour Fee  
Direct debit $6.00
Manual trace $40.00
Electronic payment return $0.00

Government charges

State and Federal Governments apply various charges relating to the loan amount, Security, purchase of Property and Property Settlement, for example:

  • Stamp duty
  • Registration/discharge of Securities
  • Duty on duplicate documents
  • Searches of land titles

Where applicable these fees and charges are payable by yourself in addition to those shown above.

Further details of applicable government charges are available upon request at any P&N Bank branch.

Important information

P&N can change the standard fees and charges that apply to loan accounts from time to time. Please refer to the terms of your credit contract.

* At cost to P&N refers to costs incurred by P&N Bank resulting from the provision of a product or service requested by the member, which will be passed on to the member.