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In mymo by P&N Bank you can create a budget to stay on track with your spending for over 70 categories. Budgets can be aligned to your pay cycle or budget date.

  1. To add a budget select the My Budgets widget from the mymo dashboard.
  2. Click Add a Budget.
  3. You can choose to align your budget to your pay cycle or budget to a different date. To align your budget, select Yes align to pay cycle or No budget to a different date.
  4. Kick off your budget by selecting the category to budget to. The mymo by P&N app will show the total spend on a number of categories. Select each category to set a budget value. The budget is set to each pay cycle or budget date.
  5. You can have multiple budgets for different categories. Just follow the instructions above to set up more budgets.

Please note: You can only have one budget date across multiple categories.