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Term deposits

You can open a P&N Bank term deposit with just $5,000 and invest up to $1 million. Up to $250,000 of your total deposit is protected by the government’s Financial Claims Scheme.

You can add money to your Term Deposit on the day you open the account, or when it matures if you choose to roll over your investment.
You can manage your maturity instructions, including adding new funds to the account in internet banking or the mobile app.

If you already have a transaction or savings account with us you can log in to internet banking or the mobile app and open up a Money Maker term deposit account online in a matter of minutes.

To open a Regular Income Term Deposit, you can contact us via secure mail, call 13 25 77 or visit your nearest branch.

New customer?

If you’re new to P&N, you can easily open a transaction or savings account online, and then open your Term Deposit account via internet banking or the mobile app. 

Open a term deposit online



You can close your term deposit account early at any time, but doing so will likely affect the amount of interest you receive.
Further information is available in our Term Deposit Account Terms & Conditions.

At the time of opening your term deposit account, you set instructions for what you would like us to do at the maturity of the term deposit. This can include

  • closing the account and transferring funds to another nominated account, 
  • renewing the term deposit for a further period
  • or a combination of these options.

These instructions can be amended any time up to your term deposit maturity or within the grace period following the account maturity. 

When your fixed term deposit matures you can choose to leave your money - and the interest you've earned - in a term deposit (it’s what we call a rollover) or you can withdraw your money. 

View the Term Deposit Account Terms & Conditions for more information about rollovers.