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Empowering People (Grants for individuals and families)

P&N Bank Empowerment GrantsTM and these terms and conditions

1. P&N Bank Empowerment GrantsTM – Empowering Communities (Grants for individuals and families) (Program) is operated by Police & Nurses Limited, ABN 69 087 651 876, Level 6, 556 Wellington Street, Perth, WA 6000 (P&N Bank).

2. Submitting a nomination or accepting a contribution under the Program constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions. 

Nominating an individual or family

3. A person (Applicant) may nominate an individual or family (Nominee) to participate in the Program by completing the nomination form on the Program webpage/s or as otherwise directed by P&N Bank.

4. Nominations can be made by current customers of P&N Bank, including staff, who have been members for at least 6 months at the time of making the nomination. P&N Bank, in its discretion, may also invite individuals or families to self-nominate.

5. Customers of P&N Bank eligible to make a nomination may make up to four nominations per calendar year (each nomination must be for a different individual or family).

6. Nominees:

a. must be permanent residents of Westerns Australia;

b. do not need to be a member of P&N Bank; and

c. cannot be staff of P&N Bank (including officers, contractors, and agents) or their immediate family.

7. An Applicant cannot nominate themselves, their own family or members of their immediate family unless invited to do so by P&N Bank.

8. As part of making a nomination the Applicant will be requested to provide information about the Nominee. The Applicant confirms that they are authorised to provide any information requested for the purpose of P&N Bank operating the Program.

9. P&N Bank may contact a Nominee to confirm information provided by an Applicant or to obtain additional information in support of considering the Nominee’s participation in the Program.

P&N Bank selection of Nominees

10. Each month, P&N Bank may select one or more Nominees to receive a contribution under the Program, which may be provided as cash or services (Selected Nominee).

11. P&N Bank will notify Applicants of Selected Nominees using the contact details provided in the nomination within five business days of their selection.12. P&N Bank will contact Applicants of Selected Nominees only. P&N Bank will not otherwise contact Nominees or Applicants with updates or outcomes on nominations.

13. The amount of cash or the value of services to be provided by P&N Bank to a Selected Nominee as a contribution will be determined by P&N Bank in its reasonable discretion. P&N Bank will place information about the range of contributions that may be made available through the Program on the Program webpage/s.

14. To receive a contribution, a Selected Nominee must:

a. provide information as reasonably required by P&N Bank so that P&N Bank 
may confirm the Selected Nominee’s identity;

b. if the contribution is cash, specify a bank account to receive a transfer of the continuation, which must be in the name of the Selected Nominee;

c. if the contribution is services, provide any information or assistance reasonably required by P&N Bank to make available the services; and

d. show, to P&N Bank’s reasonable satisfaction, that they meet the requirements in these terms and conditions.

15. If a Selected Nominee does not meet the requirements in these terms and conditions to receive a contribution within three months of being notified by P&N Bank of any proposed contribution, the contribution will be cancelled.

16. P&N Bank may, in its discretion and acting reasonable, cancel or vary any contribution. Reasons for doing this may include if information about a Selected Nominee provided in the nomination is materially incorrect, or the Selected Nominee has engaged in conduct that may, in the reasonable opinion of P&N Bank, bring P&N Bank or the Program into disrepute, scandal, or ridicule.

17.Contributions provided to a Selected Nominee:

a. are not transferrable;

b. cannot be used for hazardous, dangerous or illegal activities, gambling, or to cause harm to the community or any people or animals; and

c. cannot be used for fundraising or donated to another person or organisation.

18. P&N Bank may request that Selected Nominees and Applicants participate in promotional activities relating to the contribution, including but not limited to being interviewed and photographed. Consenting to participate is not a requirement of receiving a contribution. By consenting to participate, a Selected or Applicant grants P&N Bank a perpetual and non-exclusive licence to use such footage and photographs in all media worldwide, including online social networking sites, and the Selected Nominee and Applicants will not be entitled to any fee for such use.


19. P&N Bank’s decision in relation to any selection of Selected Nominees and awarding of contributions is final. No correspondence will be entered into.

20. P&N Bank is not liable for any losses, injury or damage that may occur directly or indirectly to any persons due to participation or involvement in the Program as an Applicant, Nominee, or Selected Nominee, including in connection with any decision to grant or not grant a contribution and any use of a contribution by a Selected Nominee, except to the extent that loss is caused by P&N Bank’s fraud, negligence or wilful misconduct (including that of its officers, employees, contractors or agents).

21. All contribution-related expenses, including without limitation any taxes payable by the Selected Nominee on the contribution, shall be the sole responsibility of the Selected Nominee.

22. The P&N Bank Privacy Policy contains information about how Applicants, Nominees and Selected Nominees may access and seek correction of personal information held by P&N Bank and make a complaint about a breach of privacy rights, and how P&N Bank deals with complaints.

23. P&N Bank reserves the right to:

a. end the Program without notice; and

b. amend these terms and conditions at any time, but it will only do so to protect its legitimate business interests, and only to the extent that it is reasonably required to do this.

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