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Copy existing article content from current website and paste as plain text (Ctrl + Shift + V).

Use the rich text editor to format article content ad required based on current website. This can include formatting headings, using bold text, underlining and italiciseing where links will need to be added later (eg. if there is an existing link in an article to a page that doesn't yet exist, format it like this) or linking to pages where possible (eg. an external website - make sure to use the external link formatting and always open external links in new tabs!).

Heading notes:

  • Make sure to use an H2 before an H3, an H3 before an H4 - eg. never make the first heading on in the content an H3, H4, etc.
  • Review the content to figure out the heading structure - eg. if there is a main heading in a section of content (such as "Home loans), and then subheadings (such as "Owner occupied" and "Investment"), the main heading would be an H2 and the subheadings would be H3s.
  • H1s will never be required in standard article formatting as the H1 is in the header banner.